Money spells have been around for centuries and are a popular form of magical practice. Different cultures throughout history have used spells to bring luck, riches, and wealth their way. It’s no surprise why people decide to cast these types of spells – money equals power and the ability to provide for yourself and your family. But it’s important to be aware of what kind of spell works best depending on the desired outcome. In this article, we will explore the different types of money spells and their intended purposes, such as attracting prosperity into one’s life or removing financial obstacles. We’ll also discuss common ingredients used in these kinds of spells, as well as tips on how to cast them successfully. Read on to learn more!

Money Spell #1: The Attraction Spell

If you’re looking to attract more money into your life, this is the spell for you. The Attraction Spell is designed to help you manifest your financial goals and desires. All you need is a green candle, some fresh basil, and a coin.

To perform the spell, light the candle and hold the basil in your non-dominant hand. Focus on your intention of attracting more money into your life. Visualize yourself achieving your financial goals. As you do this, rub the coin with your dominant hand.

After a few minutes, extinguish the candle and place the basil and coin under your pillow. Keep them there overnight. In the morning, thank the Universe for bringing more money into your life.

Money Spell #2: The Abundance Spell

This abundance spell is intended to help you attract more money and financial opportunities into your life. To perform this spell, you will need a green candle, a piece of paper, and a pen. Write down your intention for attracting more money on the piece of paper (for example: “I am open and receptive to all forms of abundance”), then fold the paper up and hold it in your non-dominant hand. Light the green candle and say aloud or to yourself:

“As I light this candle, I open myself up to endless possibilities for financial abundance. I release all doubts and limiting beliefs about money, and I know that I am worthy of receiving all that I desire. Thank you, Universe.”

Visualize yourself surrounded by an abundance of money, opportunities, and resources. See yourself achieving all of your financial goals easily and effortlessly. Feel the joy and happiness that comes with being financially free and abundant. Hold this vision in your mind for as long as you can before blowing out the candle. Carry the paper with your intention written on it with you, or keep it somewhere visible so that you can be reminded of your goal daily.

Money Spell #3: The Prosperity Spell

This money spell is designed to bring prosperity and abundance into your life. It can be performed on any day of the week, but Wednesday is considered the best day to do this spell.

You will need:

-One green candle
-One piece of paper
-A pen or pencil
-A small dish or bowl
-Some coins (any currency will do)


1. On the piece of paper, write down what you desire in terms of prosperity and abundance. Be specific! For example, “I want to earn an extra $500 per month” or “I want to receive a windfall of $10,000.”
2. Fold the paper up and place it under the candle holder.
3. Light the candle and let it burn for a few minutes while you focus on your intention. Imagine yourself surrounded by abundance and prosperity.
4. Hold the dish or bowl in your hands andVisualize your intention again as you say aloud:

“Money, come to me;
Prosperity, be mine;
Abundance, flow to me;
So mote it be!”

5. Drop the coins into the dish/bowl one at a time, visualizing each coin as representing your desire coming true.
6. Let the candle burn out completely and carry the paper with you or keep it in a safe place until your desire comes true.

Money Spell #4: The Windfall Spell

This particular spell is designed to bring a large sum of money your way, through means that may be unexpected. For example, you may find money in an old jar that you had forgotten about, or receive a windfall from a family member. This spell is best performed on A Full Moon.

You will need:

-1 Green Candle
-1 Piece of Paper
-Pen or Sharpie
-Cinnamon Oil
-Clove Oil
-Frankincense Oil
-Myrrh Oil


1. Start by cleansing yourself and your space. You can do this however you feel comfortable, but some ideas include smudging with sage, using Palo Santo wood, or bathing with salts.

2. Once you are cleanse, ground and center yourself. Take a few deep breaths and begin to focus on your intention for the spell. Visualize what you want the outcome to look like.

3. On the piece of paper, write down how much money you would like to manifest. Be specific (ex: I wish to manifest $10,000).

4. Anoint the green candle with the four oils listed above, starting at the wick and working your way down to the base of the candle. As you do so, visualize your goal being achieved.

5. Hold the paper in your non-dominant hand, and light the candle with your dominant hand while saying outloud:
“I call upon the powers of money,
Come to me from my own destiny.
Bring me a windfall of (amount) dollars
So mote it be!”

6. Let the candle burn for at least 15 minutes and then blow it out. Place the paper with your intention in a safe and secure place where you won’t forget about it.

7. Take time to meditate and think positive thoughts about your intentions being fulfilled. Believe that it will happen, and let go of any negative emotions or doubts you may have about it coming true.

8. Give thanks for what is coming to you, and know that the universe will deliver in its own time.

Money Spell #5: The Good Luck Spell

This money spell is intended to bring you good luck. To perform it, you will need a green candle, a coin, and some cinnamon oil. Begin by anointing the candle with the cinnamon oil. Then, hold the coin in your dominant hand and visualize yourself as being lucky. Next, recite this incantation:

“I am lucky
I am prosperous
Good luck comes my way
Money flows to me easily
All my ventures are successful
I attract good luck like a magnet”

Finally, light the candle and let it burn out completely.

How to Cast a Money Spell

In order to cast a money spell, you will need the following supplies: a green candle, a coin, and a piece of paper. On the paper, write down your intention for the spell. For example, you may want to attract more money into your life, or you may want to manifest a specific amount of money. Anoint the candle with oil and light it. Hold the coin in your hand and focus your intention on it. Visualize your goal as you say aloud, “I am now attracting (or manifesting) abundance into my life.” Allow the candle to burn out completely. Keep the coin with you as a reminder of your intention.


Money spells have been used for centuries to help people achieve their financial goals and increase wealth. While some of these spells can be quite effective, it is important to note that they should not be used as an alternative to hard work and discipline. Rather, money spells are meant to be a tool or supplement to your efforts in order to further increase the chances of success with any financial endeavor. It is also important that you understand the different types of money spells and how they should be used in order for them to properly bring about the desired results.

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