Voodoo has become increasingly popular lately as a way to manipulate someone’s feelings. While it may seem extreme, it is possible to make someone want you using Voodoo. Voodoo is a powerful spiritual practice, and should be taken seriously and approached with caution. In this article, we will look at the process of using Voodoo to draw someone to you and make them want you.

What is Voodoo?

Voodoo is an African-based religion or spiritual practice that includes both traditional African religion and Christianity. It involves the use of symbolic images, fetishes, chants, prayers, and rituals to help guide the practitioner to a successful outcome. Voodoo practitioners believe that they can control and manipulate the spirit world and the natural world to achieve specific goals.

Voodoo rituals are often used by practitioners to help bring love, wealth, health, luck, and success. Voodoo is sometimes seen as a magic or an evil force, but this is not the case. Voodoo is not good or bad, it is simply a tool to achieve a certain positive outcome. It is important to be aware that the power of Voodoo is very real and should be used wisely and with caution.

How to Make Someone Want You Using Voodoo

 There are specific rituals and techniques used to draw someone to you and make them want you using Voodoo. These rituals and techniques include creating customized love potions, specific talismans, and the use of particular herbs. For best results, the practitioner should seek advice from an experienced Voodoo practitioner on how to execute a successful ritual.

Creating a Love Potion or Talisman

A love potion or talisman is a powerful object or charm that is prescribed by a Voodoo practitioner. A love potion is a specific blend of herbs, roots, and flowers, that are mixed with special oils and essences. The combination of these specific ingredients create a powerful charm or amulet, that can be worn or gifted to a loved one. The properties of the potion are said to induce feelings of love and desire in the recipient.

A talisman is created using particular herbs and symbols to create a charm or amulet that will attract a certain person to you. The symbols may be inscribed onto a piece of paper, cloth, or jewelry. The talisman is believed to have the power to draw the person to you, make them fall in love with you, and ultimately make them want you.

Using Specific Herbs

Herbs play an important role in Voodoo rituals. They are used to draw energy and to create powerful charms. A Voodoo practitioner may combine certain herbs together and use them in specific rituals to draw someone to you and make them want you. Popular herbs used in Voodoo rituals include hyssop, rosemary, and myrrh. These herbs are believed to have powerful magical properties that can be used to influence the outcome of Voodoo rituals.


Voodoo can be a powerful and effective way to make someone want you. It involves the use of certain rituals, potions, and talismans to create powerful charms that can influence someone’s feelings towards you. It is important to be aware that Voodoo is a powerful spiritual practice and should be taken seriously and approached with caution. If you are considering using Voodoo to make someone want you, it is always wise to seek the advice of an experienced practitioner.

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