Voodoo, an ancient spiritual practice from Haiti, is considered by many to be a powerful way to contact and influence powerful Spiritual forces. In recent decades, voodoo has become increasingly popular in the West as an alternative means of healing, meditation and self-empowerment. But what exactly are the gifts and powers of Haitian Voodoo priests?

What is a Haitian Voodoo Priest?

A Haitian Voodoo Priest is a practitioner of the spiritual tradition of Vodou. They are considered to be guardians of the spiritual realm and conduits for the mysterious spiritual powers and forces that inhabit it. There is no single “right way” to be a Voodoo Priest; some practitioners may claim to be connected to a particular lineage, but others may rely on a combination of experience and study. The practice is quite varied and can range from highly ritualistic ceremonies to spiritually intuitive guidance sessions with clients.

Gifts and Powers of Haitian Voodoo Priests

Haitian Voodoo Priests are said to possess certain psychic gifts and powers. These range from the ability to perceive the spiritual forces around them, to the ability to perform ritual practices, healings, and contact the Legions of the Invisibles (spirit guides and deities). It is said that a Voodoo Priest can “see” more than the average person and can connect with the deep mysteries of the Universe.

The Focal Point – Veve

The veve is a sacred drawing that is used by a Voodoo Priest to focus their energies and open the pathways to the spirit realm. The veve is believed to act as a bridge between the human and spiritual planes, allowing the Priest to connect with powerful spiritual and ancestral forces. The veve is a complex and powerful symbol, and is usually drawn in circles or spirals using flour, cornmeal, charcoal, or even pieces of rope. The specific design of the veve depends on the individual Voodoo Priest and what they are seeking from the spirit realm.

Rituals and Ceremonies

Haitian Voodoo Priests are known for their ability to conduct various rituals and ceremonies. These may involve elaborate offerings, music, dancing, chanting, animal sacrifices, spirit invocation, and the construction of an altars. These practices honor the spirits, asking them to bring healing, guidance, and protection. Voodoo priests may also use herbs, oils, powders, and amulets to enhance their rituals.


Haitian Voodoo Priests possess a unique set of gifts and powers, connected with their unique relationship to the spirit realm. While the practice of Vodou is complex and multifaceted, the core of the practice is about connecting with the spirit world and finding message, healing, and guidance. Haitian Voodoo Priests are conduits for this spiritual energy, and their practices are a powerful way to influence the forces that govern this mysterious realm.

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