Witchcraft has long been associated with various types of spells, including those aimed at protection. Whether you are looking to ward off negative energy, protect your home and loved ones, or keep yourself safe from harm, there are powerful witch spells that can help. Here are 10 powerful witch spells for protection that you can try:

1. Spell to Banish Negative Energy

One of the most important aspects of protection is removing negative energy from your life. To do this, light a black candle and visualize all the negative energy around you being absorbed by the flame. Once you feel the energy has been banished, extinguish the candle.

2. Spell for Protection of Home

To protect your home from harm, create a protective circle by sprinkling salt around the perimeter of your property. Visualize a protective barrier forming around your home as you do this, and say a chant such as “By the power of earth and stone, protect this place, my sacred home.”

3. Spell to Ward Off Evil Spirits

If you feel that evil spirits are haunting you, carve a protection sigil onto a piece of black obsidian and keep it with you at all times. This powerful crystal is known for its ability to ward off negative entities and protect against psychic attacks.

4. Spell for Protection During Travel

Before embarking on a journey, light a white candle and visualize a bubble of white light surrounding you. Say a prayer for protection and safe travels, such as “By the power of the elements, keep me safe on my journey.”

5. Spell to Shield Against Psychic Attacks

If you feel that someone is sending negative energy your way, perform a shield spell by visualizing a mirror reflecting their energy back to them. Repeat a chant such as “Return to sender, this negativity I do not surrender” to reinforce the protective barrier.

6. Spell for Protection of Loved Ones

To protect your family and friends, create a charm bag filled with protective herbs such as lavender, rosemary, and thyme. Hang this charm bag in a prominent place in your home to ward off negativity and keep your loved ones safe.

7. Spell to Protect Against Hexes and Curses

If you believe that someone has cast a hex or curse upon you, perform a cleansing ritual by burning sage and visualizing the negative energy dissipating. Carry a piece of black tourmaline with you for added protection against psychic attacks.

8. Spell for Protection of Pets

To protect your furry friends, create a sigil for their safety and draw it on their collar or a special tag. Visualize a shield of white light surrounding them whenever they are out and about, and say a prayer for their well-being.

9. Spell to Ward Off Nightmares

If you are plagued by nightmares, create a dream sachet filled with protective herbs such as mugwort and lavender. Place this sachet under your pillow before bed to ward off negative energies and promote peaceful sleep.

10. Spell for General Protection

For overall protection and warding off negativity in your life, create a protective amulet by charging a piece of jewelry or crystal with your intentions. Wear this amulet or keep it close to you at all times to ensure constant protection.

In conclusion, these powerful witch spells for protection can help you ward off negative energy, protect your home and loved ones, and keep yourself safe from harm. Whether you are facing psychic attacks, evil spirits, or negative influences, these spells can help you create a shield of protection around you. Remember to always perform spells with caution and respect the energies involved in your practice.

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