Hoodoo is a unique form of folk magic that has its roots in African American culture. It has been passed down through generations and is still practiced by many today. One of the key aspects of Hoodoo is its focus on using magical spells and rituals to bring about positive changes in one’s life, including in the realm of finances. In this article, we will explore some powerful Hoodoo spells for prosperity that you can try for yourself.

Setting the Intention

Before performing any Hoodoo money spell, it is important to set a clear intention for what you want to manifest. Take some time to reflect on your financial goals and the specific outcomes you are seeking. Whether you are looking to attract more money, increase your income, or improve your financial stability, be as specific as possible when formulating your intention.

Cleansing Ritual

In Hoodoo, cleansing rituals are often performed to remove any negative energy that may be blocking the flow of abundance into your life. You can start by taking a spiritual bath using herbs such as basil, bay leaves, or cinnamon to cleanse your aura and prepare yourself for the money magic ahead. As you bathe, visualize any financial obstacles dissolving and imagine yourself surrounded by a golden light of prosperity.

Money Drawing Spell

One of the most popular Hoodoo spells for attracting money is the Money Drawing Spell. To perform this spell, you will need a green candle, a piece of paper, and a pen. Write your financial goal on the paper, being as specific as possible. Light the green candle and focus on the flame as you visualize money flowing into your life. Hold the paper in your hand and repeat a money-drawing incantation such as, “Money flow, money grow, abundance to me now.” Place the paper under the candle and let it burn completely. Trust that your intention has been set in motion and allow the candle to burn out on its own.

Lucky Money Charm

Another effective Hoodoo spell for prosperity is creating a lucky money charm. To make this charm, you will need a small green pouch, a lodestone, a silver coin, and some herbs or crystals known for their money-drawing properties, such as cinnamon, basil, or pyrite. Place the lodestone and silver coin in the pouch along with the herbs or crystals, focusing on your intention to attract wealth and abundance. Carry this charm with you wherever you go or place it in a prominent location in your home to amplify its energy.

Gratitude Ritual

In Hoodoo, expressing gratitude for the blessings you already have is believed to attract even more abundance into your life. Consider incorporating a gratitude ritual into your money magic practice by creating a gratitude jar or journal. Each day, write down something you are thankful for related to your finances and place it in the jar or journal. As you cultivate a mindset of gratitude, you open yourself up to receiving even more blessings and opportunities for prosperity.


Hoodoo money magic offers a powerful way to tap into the energy of abundance and manifest your financial goals. By setting clear intentions, performing cleansing rituals, and working with spells and charms, you can align yourself with the flow of prosperity and attract more money into your life. Remember that patience, faith, and consistency are key when working with Hoodoo money magic, so trust in the process and believe in your ability to create the financial abundance you desire.

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